May 5th Letter


Hey! How are you all doing?? I am doing great!! Soo.. this week, has been pretty slow.. but I have a couple really awesome experience that happened! Also, i apologize for the bad spacing.. this keyboard doesnt really work. Here is my cute little number list:
1. So on Tuesday. I went to central to pick up my carnet. WHOOOO! OFFICIALLY CHILEAN!.. for a year! then I am going to have to get another one. Squee! Okay.. so a very powerful experience happened.My companion was waiting in line to hand in some papers with the goverment.. and I was just sitting on some chairs waitingfor her. All of the sudden, a woman from bolivia asked mea question.. and I answered it.. But I had no idea what happened.. but we started to talk about prayer.. and it was so speciall.. the spirit was so strong.. and we were crying.. in public.. about the love of God. I told her my message of the Restoration of the Gospel and received her reference. The best part was!! There was another woman on the side of us.. and she heard everything.. after I got the reference from the first woman, I looked at the second woman and asked for her reference. She gave me her reference.. Then all 3 of us started to cry. 3 women.. in a government building crying of happiness. Yeah. So cool. My companion came in andsaw us crying and she was like “What happened hereee??” I told her what happened after. It was very special.
2. So Saturday, I had a lousy day. Horrible day. All our sitas fell through.. and nobody wanted to accept us.. So Hermana Pocon had to use the bathroom so we went to the capilla to use the bathroom.. Then the Relief Society got a hold of us and gave us a TON OF CLOTHES. I mean bags and bags worth of clothes!! and I got a ton of shoeeesss and everything! WOW.. Heavenly Father loves me. Soo.. I HAVE NEW CLOTHES! YAY!
3. Yesterday, Church was amazing. One of the most powerful testimony meetings I have ever been in. The Spirit was crazy strong. CRAZY STRONG. Everyone in the congragation was crying. Jovenes bore their testimonies and they cried. My menos activos bored their testimonies as well! One of the best meetings I had in my mission! Also, two of my menos activos received assignments towork in the ward FINALLY!! They have visiting teaching assingments and they are on the list for almuerzos. HUGE PROGRESS!! They have been going tochurch for the past month.. so I smell some reactivations coming up!! SQUEE!
4. I ate at a place called “El Señor de los Bajones..” It has a picture of Frodo and Gandalf and Lord of the Rings. PRETTY EPIC! I ate a sandwich. Yummyy!
Well family, I love you all very much. Can´t wait for May 11th!! 7pm Chile time! WOOOOOH!!!
Hermana Ricks

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