June 5-2014 – San Miguel – Chile, Santiago South

Hi so.. I had two activities I had to go to. Took up the wholleee day.
We went and saw Prince of Egypt with my district, and I had a little fun girl party with the hermanas ( sisters).

My companion has been pretty sick, however we are still working. It´s been kind of tough. We are really good friends! We have a really high trust level. eah.. we went to medical twice this week. She is taking A TON OF MEDICINE
Please pray for me too.. that I can learn this language. I have been embarrased sooo many times this week.
I am sure I will get the package this week.
Anyway, I don{t have time to write a weekly letter. I will write everything that happened next week. I had one miracle though.

We worked a lot with rescate and we found someone to teach! It was incredible!! Other than that, everything is pretty normal. Oh and one more news.. I LOVE MATE!! Weeee!
Katie and I plan on having mate parties when we get home!

I love you both very much!!

Tell everyone I love them!!



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