July 14-21, 2014

WOOOW! I cannot believe I am going to complete 9 months this week.. half my mission. Time has gone by so fast.. it´s incredible! I don´t even want to think about going home.. There is so much I have to do and have to learn. First thing first, here is a list of the events that happened to me this week:
1. There is a REACTIVATION!!! His name is Fransisco Camaño. We worked a lot with him and he now has a calling as executive secretary in the bishopric! We are soo happy that he progressed and now is active in the church. All the work we have done is worth it. I don´t like to say that he is my reactivation.. because nothing is mine. It is all to the Lord. However, you will see my name in the reactivation/baptism list in the next week mensajero. It was awesome!
2. I went to the temple with my companion this last week with special permission of the President. It was a wonderful experience.. I received so many answers that I really needed to hear. I will share an experience: 
   a. I prayed to Heavenly Father really hard how I can help my companion more.. I asked what more can I do, or what can I do to help change her. He told me that I need to continue to love her and support her. Also, I need to continue to be an example to her. 
    b. I prayed to Heavenly Father what I should do so I won´t be scared at nights. It gets dark here fast and I do get scared easily. I prayed to Heavenly Father what  I need to do to not have fear.. When I finished my prayer, I opened a random scripture and it said talked about having confidence in the Lord. Wow. So Heavenly Father told me that I need to have more confidence in Him. If I do so, I will be protected. I am not scared anymore. 
3. Last Saturday, I went and did a service to help out a woman. I cleaned out her house.. and it was a lot of work. She was very grateful and came to church! I know that Service helps soften the hearts of people and really can change them. 
4. I ate SUSHI for the first time in CHile. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Jonathan, I have new ideas for your sushi!! Try putting creamcheese on the outside of the roll, or avacado. Its sooo goood! 
5. So I have a very special diet. Here is the list: I cannot eat spicy food, avacado, milk, sugar (cookies, cake etc), anything with oil. I cannot eat after 7pm and I cant eat fruit until after lunch. I also have to take medicine in the mornings. YEaaaaaah. I Am going to be skinny! YAAAY!
6. I will be performing this wednesday for the zone conference with my district. We will be singing If you Hie to Kolob in spanish! Will be great!
7. When I was at the temple, I felt inspired to by a little hymn book for Lilian, a menos activo.. So I did. When we went to visit her, I gave her the book and she was happy as could be. She nearly cried of happiness. In church, she brought her hymn book and happily used it. It made me smile. I am so happy that the Lord is helping me help other children of God.
Well family and friends. I am SO grateful for your prayers and support. Thank you so much for everything you all have done for me. Just as Katie has done in her letter, which made me cry, I will now write my testimony. 
I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know it with all my heart. He has helped me grow and learn with the Atonement. I know that the Atonement is real. It is power to overcome ANYTHING. Literally anything. We are so blessed to have our Savior do what no other man can do.. and He did it out of pure charity and love. I cannot express my gratitude with words.. but I know I can express my gratitude by keeping His gospel and following His commandments. 
Gracias mama y papa por todo ustedes an hecho por mi. Ustedes son ejemplos muy fuerte y estoy infinito agradecida. Gracias mama y papa por guardar su convenios con Padre Celestial y especialmente por estar sellados. Se que somos una familia eterno. Les quiero mucho. 
I know that this is the work of Salvation. I am happy that I am helping the Savior with the work. I know that this is true.
I close my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Hermana Ricks

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