July 21-28

Hi Family and Friends!

This week went pretty well! Here are my cute, organized points of the week:
1. We had a zone conference, where the President gave a LOOONG talk to two zones. Took about 8 hours. He gave some really good points about baptism, and about the Godhead. (I have an incredible story about that.. coming up!) Anyway that happened.. I learned quite a bit. Baptism is only for those who have repented and are ready to make convenants. It isn´t for just cualquier persona. It needs to be along the lines of DyC20:37.
2. This last Friday, I went on divisions with the new greenies of the CCM! They came to our stake and I went out with a girl from Washington.. We went contacting in another sector. It was a fun experience. We had a lot of door slammed in our faces literally. However, we giggled and kept on going. We have found a few futures for the missionaries in that sector! It was fun! I encourage ALL OF YOU to share the gospel!!
3. Okay so.. here is the crazy story about the Godhead. Yesterday, Hermana Reyes and I had our first appointment with an investigator name Joselin. We went in her house and started to get to know her. We found out that her aunt works in the temple, and her cousins are all members (one in the mission). Her mother is a member as well. She knows a lot about the gospel. She told us that she doesn´t have a religion and finds other religions to be extreme (catholics and evangelicos). She said she has dudas de la iglesia por ejemplo investiduras del templo. Dijo que no entiende. Entonces, empezamos nuestra leccion, y le enseñamos la Trinidad. Le enseñamos de los roles y I cannot describe it in words.. but we felt the Spirit SO STRONG. I cannot believe how strong the Spirit was. We were in the point of crying.. and we only shared a 5-10 minute lesson. It was absolutely incredible. I HAVE a testimony that establishing in the first lesson who God is, is SO powerful.
4. Also, On Wednesday, we were out on the streets and it was very cold and late.. We didn´t have a sita.. so I decided to pray to who we needed to go to. I had the impression to go to an active members house.. which they were on vacations.. It didn´t make any sense. So H. Reyes and I went to that house.. knocked on the door.. then someone we didn´t know answered the door. It was the sister and her husband, of the members who own the house. We taught a powerful lesson about enduring to the end. We later found out that they were sealed in the temple, but they were inactive.. INCREDIBLE. The Spirit led us to that house, and I really hope we made an impact.
Well, I love you all very much family. I am going to the temple next week!! The President changed the rules because he feels very strong that we need to go to the temple more often. So.. we can go to the temple 4 times as companionship a year and 2 times as a district! WEEE!!!
I will be writing on tuesday!
I love you!
Hermana Ricks

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