August 20, 2014

CRAZY CRAZY WEEK!!! I dont even know where to start!! So.. My bullet point things!!!

1. So first thing first.. CRAZY STORYY!!!!!! READ THIS ONE FIRST PLEASE!!

In Maestranza in San Bernardo Sur.. I was walking with my companions.. and it was about 8pm.. I was thinking about the members in Maestranza and how I need to meet them, and get to know the sector.. I only had a week over there.. and I was liking the place quite a bit. All of the sudden.. I get a call from the President. He asked me how I was doing.. and I told him I was okay and working. He then told me “Well, Hermana Ricks. You are going back to San Miguel.” My jaw dropped. I was extremely surprised. I asked him, “When??” He told me “Tomorrow.” I had a heart attack. Oh and one more thing. I am going to be training a mini-missionary. WHAAAT??? So I had one stressful day on Monday. I packed all my things in less than an hour and I had interviews with the president.. then i was stuck in the office from 9 am- 5 pm. I about died. SO HERE I AM!! I AM BACK IN SAN MIGUELL!!!

My new companion is from San Miguel.. in the same barrio we are serving. Her name is Hermana Retamales and is 21 years old. She is almost done with her papers.. and she really wants to serve a mission. I am training her exactly how new missionaries are trained. This is going to be a very exciting 3-5 weeks. I have no idea how long I am going to be training her. I heard for 3 weeks.. or for the rest of the change. So.. I don´t know if I am going back to San Bernardo, or I am going to be staying here.

Elder Real (district leader) and Elder Cheney(Zone leader) worked extremely hard to get me back. Apparently, they told the whole zone to look for a possible mini missionary so I can come back to San Miguel. The missionaries told me they looked all week for people.. and they finally found H. Retamales. Elder Real got sick from so much stress. When I came to the activity of the zone today, the missionaries cheered. It made me feel good. I had no idea that all of this was going on.. actually.. I was the LAST PERSON to know that I was going back to San Miguel. CRAZY HUH? Anyway, I am very happy to be here again.

2. I have a strong testimony that missionaries are sent to where they are needed to be. I was sent to Maestranza for a specific reason. On Thursday.. something so special happened that I now know why I was sent over there for a week.
I was very new in the sector.. and I didn´t know anyone or anything. I went on divisions with a young woman member.. and we went to visit a grandma who was less-active. That´s all I knew. When we entered the house, the grandma´s daughter was there and her grandson (15 years old), all are less actives and havent gone to church. So we began teaching the lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel (lesson 1). All of the sudden.. the Spirit started to speak very differently. I started to really teach strongly about Heavenly Father and our Divine Nature as children of God. Then I looked at the grandson (Rodrigo), right in his eyes and said “God loves you. You are NEVER ALONE.” Rodrigo face changed in surprise.. and started to tear up. His mom and grandma looked and him and said “You seee!??” I then figured out that Rodrigo had been having lots of problems of feeling alone or feeling unwanted.. And the lesson completely changed. The Spirit taught very powerfully about Satan and how we can fight against him. I taught the power of the Atonement, prayer, scriptures, and the sacrament. I never had such a powerful lesson before.. it was so strong in the Spirit.. I walked out of the house that night and looked at the member who was accompaning me.. She asked “What just happened?” I smiled and said.. “That is the power of the Spirit.”
On Sunday, the entire family came to church.. and apparently they were talking to my companion about the lesson.. still talking about how good it was.. My last day of the sector, the mom of Rodrigo gave me a huge hug and thanked me for that lesson. I told her that she shouldn´t thank me.. but should thank our loving Heavenly Father.
I don´t know if I am going back to San Bernardo.. but.. I know that I was there just to teach that lesson. I love this work.
3. I celebrated the birthday of H. Martinez! I bought some cake and gave her a shirt to wear. She loves it. (Don´t worry mom, I know what I am doing!)
I love you all very much. Thank you for your support.
Hermana Ricks



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