June 16-23 2014


Jun 23

Hello Family and Friends!
Well, this week was pretty slow.. especially today because Chile plays. So when I finish writing, I am going to stay at my apartment for the whole day. Exciting huh??
So there a few things I would like to write about:
1. This Tuesday, I had  an activity with the young womens and we went out on divisions. The Spirit was with us because a miracle happened! I went with a joven to visit a family who is inactive. They aren`t receptive, but they let us in for some reason! So I taught a lesson about love  and it was very special. I believe it made an impact on this family, but I am going to drop little notes of love and hopefully something will work out.
2. On Wednesday, I did nothing. Chile played and WOOOOOON WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Chi chi chi! le le le! Viva Chile Viva Chile!!!!!!!!!!! My district leader is from Spain. Poor  guy lol.
3. On Friday I had divisions with Hermana Castaño, which she is is my hermana leader. We had a miracle  day! Taught a ton of lessons! Weeeee! I also died this day because I had 4 onces… An once is cafe with a sandwich or can be like dinner. I died. I didn`t sleep that night because my stomach was in so much pain lol. I am okay now!
4. Saturday, we had an activity as a ward about geneology and it was very sucessful! I met a woman and she may be my future investigator!! She said she was very interested in the church soo yeaaah. I also learned this week about the importance of geneology. Geneology is literally the work of salvation.  Not only those people are names, but they are people! They are souls and they are waiting to enter into the kingdom of God. Doing family work is THAT important. It is literally saving people. So I challenge you all to start your family history work! Go to familysearch.org and get started!!
5. There is a menos activo that I am teaching named pablo. he is trying to learn to play the piano. So when I went to the temple, i bought him a small little easy hymn book so he can start playing. When I gave him it, he was happy as could be. His mom told me later that THE WHOLE DAY he was playing the hymns. She said she hasn`t seen him that happy in a long time. It made me feel good. Hopefully he could feel the spirit as he practices.
So that is practically my week. Oh and ONE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!! This Sunday is the birthday of the mission! One year!! So we are having a conference of the whole mission and anyone else is invited. And guess what. I am SINGING A SOLO. So PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! AAAAH! I am honored to sing infront of the whole mission and the first birthday of the mission!!
I love you all!!
Hermana Ricks

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