Weekly Letter – 15 Oct 2014

Hi Family and Friends!

This week went pretty good! Hermana Salazar is a HARD working missionary and we are getting a lot done. We are in a ´¨ white wash¨ which means that we both are brandnew in the sector. We are walking literally for hours, contacting houses, people on the streets, and everywhere we go.

1. Yesterday, we had 7 lessons fijas.. and they ALL FELL THROUGH. We left early from the house and came home late.. we literally walked for 10 hours.. not including the almuerzo we had. SO YEAH. This is practically how my days are now. We are just walking and walking and talking to people, hoping we can teach someone! However, I have sooooo much energy to find someone! I know that the Lord  has people prepared! We just need to find them!

This week, I had a lot of experiences with the power of prayer. The next few experiences will be about it.

2. Last Thursday, my companion and I went to the hospital. She has been having problems with her back, so we went there for her appointment. It was a 3 hour trip.. It took a long time because there was a bomb in central.. and police was everywhere. The cool thing was I saw the police in action.. I was stuck in a bus. Anyway, we finally arrived to the hospital.. and we went to reception´s desk. Then.. my companion forgot her paper that she needed to have the appointment.. They said they won´t let her in because she forgot that paper.. So my companion started to freak out and she was extremely stressed. We sat down and I told her we needed to pray. So, I said a prayer for a miracle.. then we went back to ask for the appointment. The worker made a few phone calls.. and they printed out the paper she needed, WHICH NEVER HAPPENS. IT WAS A MIRACLE. My companion grabbed me and kissed me, crying of happiness. It was pretty cool. The Lord helped us.
3. Last Friday, we went to do a service for an old woman.. to pick up medicine for her right before lunch. We were hungry, so we ran to the place to pick up the medicine.. We get there.. AND THERE WAS A HUGE HUUUGE LINE. So we go to the back of the line and waited.. and waited.. An hour past and the line didn´t move. My companion looked and me and told me that we needed to go.. that we needed to do this another time. I looked at her and told her that we are doing a service JUST AS it would be painting a house or building something. She nodded her head.. I went and said a quiet prayer that the line would go faster. 5 minutes later, the line suddenly started to go faster.. and we were out of there in 15 minutes. PRAYER WORKS!!!
4. On Sunday.. we found a woman out on the streets who was very stressed. She said she had to go to her church and was very late.. and had been waiting for a taxi. She said that it was impossible that a taxi would be working on Sundays. I smiled and said ¨Dont worry! We will say a prayer for a taxi to come.¨ So we said a little prayer.. and 5 minutes later.. 2 taxis CAME. ONE AFTER ANOTHER. It was EXTREMELY WEIRD. The woman rejoiced and she invited us to go with her in the taxi. In the taxi, we talked with her and she asked for our names and everything. It was awesome!

Now these experiences happened by singing:

5. Because of SO MUCH CONTACTING, The Lord inspired me to start singing to people out on the streets. EVERY SINGLE person that rejected us the first time, after singing a song to them, they let us in their house. They absolutely loved hearing music.. and they ask us to come again to sing. It is amazing. The power of music and the Spirit is real. I am grateful that I am REALLY using my talent to help find people.

I love you all very much. Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Hermana Ricks
This spider is BIGGER THAN MY THUMB. It was HUGE. So.. I found this thing on my coat.. and I almost put on my coat. This spider is called the corner spider.. This thing kills people. If we get bitten by this, we have to go to the emergency room in the hospital. This is the MOST DEADLY SPIDER in the WORLD. I nearly fainted just by thinking that I could have put my coat on without seeing it.. I know that the Lord is protecting me. I am EXTREMELY paranoid with everything now.

Mom, put this one in my blog!


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