October 15-22, 2014

Hi Family and Friends!

Well!!!! I completed a year in the mission! WOOOOOOH!!! I cannot BELIEVE how time has past by! I only got six months left.. so… I am going to keep on working! Looking at how much time scares me.. so I gotta work harder!!

1. This week, we found a menos activa named Teresa. She has been receiving the missionaries from Jehova´s witnesses for years.. When we contacted her, she told us that she was already investigating this church… we told her that we have a special message for her as well. The first lesson with her, we taught about the Godhead.. We felt the Spirit extremely strong. The second lesson, we taught her about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel.. and we felt the Spirit again. She told us she felt at peace and it was amazing. She is progressing very well.. and I hope she will be reactivated soon!

2. So something interesting happened at the house of Teresa. She has a dog that likes to escape the house.. and she doesn´t want that. When she opened the door, the dog almost escaped, but I put my foot infront and stopped the dog.. then we went inside. Teresa couldn´t believe it. She said that the dog usually bites ANYONE that does that. I blinked for few seconds and said “The Lord is watching over me!” That was kind of a scary moment!

3. This week, we did a TON of service.. Service EVERY MORNING! Lots of cutting grass. We found some nuevos just by doing service. San Bernardo is known for doing lots of service.

4. I had a very special experience while contacting. Hermana Salazar and I got up early and travelled to the La Cisterna metro to do contacts in the morning. During contacting.. I used the trick of “I´m gringa and I don´t understand all the words I´m reading” from the Book of Mormon. There was a young woman.. and I asked her about one of the words in the book. After she explained to me.. she looked at the book with great interest. I smiled and explained to her that the Book of Mormon is an other testament of Christ. And I explained some more about it. She was extremely excited about it. So I gave her the book and she said “Really? For me??” I smiled and nodded. She was extremely happy and she left. This experience taught me that IT IS POSSIBLE to give a Book of Mormon to someone with only 3 minutes to talk to them. Also, I felt the Spirit as we talked about it.. and after reading a verse from it. It was a cool experience!

5. Okay.. so.. ONE OF THE BIGGEST EMBARASMENTS IN MY LIFE. Ready for this? My first sunday at church… I was shaking people´s hands getting to know them and smiling. So.. I told them that I could play the piano.. and they were very happy for that! So I played the hymns. Right after the first hymn, during the announcements, one of the members came and put a radio on the piano.. and the hymn book infront so I can see the notes of the song. A minute later.. the radio SLID OFF THE PIANO and made the biggest CRASHING, BREAKING SOUND. Everyone became quiet and looked at me. I smiled and waved… and I turned bright red. AND! I had to present myself IMMEDIATELY.. so I walked up there and I couldn´t talk. I was so embarrased… Anyway, the members told me that I would be unforgettable.. because of that radio..

6. AND BECAUSE OF THAT RADIO.. one of the children of the Obispo chose us to teach him all the lessons before his baptism. So! One good thing came out of that horrid experience. Anyway, I would like to comment that I love the gospel. It is so simple that even a litle child of 7 years old can understand it. We taught him about the Restoration and he understood! I love the gospel. I know that it has been restored on the earth and we have the fulness of it.

I love you all very much! Thank you for your prayers!

Hermana Ricks


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