October29- November 5, 2014

Familia Marisol and Sister Sarah Ricks Sister Sarah Ricks, Sis Salazar and Elder

Familia Salazar                                                               Sister Salazar, Elder Llacza and me

Halloween in Chile with Sister Missionaries 2014  Santiago, Chile and group of Sisters missionaries

Halloween! Sister Arena, Sister Salazar (my companion sitting with hat), Sister Bindford and me.

Santiago, Chile and abandoned kittyChile, abandoned kitty

Poor kitty! Was lost and hungry.

Hello family and friends! I hope you all had a great halloween!

WELL, I am going to see Elder Nelson and 2 other 70s this Saturday! I am SUPER EXCITED!! I cannot wait to learn from them!

So this week, I had some strong, STRONG EXPERIENCES. Here we go.

1.So.. my musical talents are finally showing up! The barrio fell in love with me because I can play the piano. I only want to share my talents and make people happy. But let me tell you. IT FEELS SO GOOD TO PLAY THE PIANO AGAIN!

2. We are contacting a lot in the sector, trying to find new people to teach. The hard part is “following up” with the contacts and actually getting into the house. Yesterday, a menos activa dropped us because she has chosen to stay with the Jehova´s witnesses. During the lesson, we taught about families being forever and the temple, telling her that this is the way to have happiness.. During that time.. I thought about her ancestors and how they are losing their chance to be baptized in the temple.. I started to cry. We ended the lesson, and left her house.. but she hasn`t completely shut the door on us. We will return again. (When another investigator dropped us, I cried again for the same reason. I know understand the ABSOLUTE IMPORTANCE of this work. It isn`t just for the people we are teaching, it is for their ancestors and their posteridad.) I have come to realize that this work means more than just teaching one person.. it is teaching generations back to forth.. This IS the work of SALVATION for EVERYONE.

3. I want to bear my testimony of the Atonement and repentance. I KNOW.. with ALL MY HEART.. that the Atonement is real. We truly can be forgiven of ALL our sins because the Atonement is infinite. We can be cleansed and filled with the Spirit. The greatest examples to me are Alma and the Sons of Mosiah, and Paul of the new testament. These were people who were literally trying to destroy the church.. but they were completely changed through the Atonement.. and became one of the greatest servants, missionaries, to the Lord. Satan wants us to think that we cannot repent.. because we won`t be forgiven.. He wants us to fear men instead of God. NEVER EVER be afraid to repent. I PROMISE with all my heart that repentance is a HAPPY THING.. a way to receive joy and peace!

4. The Book ofMormon because the most special thing I have on my mission. I have been reading the Book of Mormon.. and Icannot tell you how much strength and comfort I found in the scriptures.. I have a new goal of giving a Book of Mormon everyday.. to someone special.. AND I HAVE BEE NCOMPLETING MY GOAL. I challenge all of you to read the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY. It is incredible.. the power it has!

I love you all very much!

Hermana Ricks


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