November 5-12,2014

Hi Family!

SO here we go!!
1. They already had a pianest chosen to play in the conference.. And I was okaaay with that! I had a huge desire in my heart to play the piano and share my talents.. ANYWAY.. 6 girls came into my apartment, and we had a HUGE SLEEPOVER.. we put 5 matresses on the floor and we just shared. 8 Girls in my pension. Anyway, We got up 5 am and ran to the church at 6:30 and waited outside. I was the first to get in (after all, I being small, I squeezed through people.) SO I GOT THE VERY VERY VERY FRONT ROW. YEEESSSS!! Anyway, I sat there quietly reading my Book of Mormon, then President Cook came up to me and told me that the pianest wasnt showing up.. He asked me to play the prelude until she comes. SO I JUMPED UP WITH A HUUUGE GRIN ON MY FACE. and I played prelude.. And I played for an hour or 1.5 hours. It was a long time. But.. we all felt the spirit very strongly. Then Elder Nelson came in!! We all stood up, and we all were able to shake his hand!!!!!
SO ANYWAY.. while everyone was shaking his hand, I got out from the piano, squeezed into line, and shook his hand! AMAZING. Anyway, I ran back to the piano and continued to play. When everyone finished shaking his hand, Elder Nelson came up to me with a huge smile on his face, leaned over and started to press the keys of the piano. He giggled and I was in aweeee… Then he thanked me and shook my hand again. ASDFLKJEODDXL AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!! I died. It was so cool. So that was an amazing eperience.
Later in the week, one of the couples of the mission came up to me and told me that LOTS of missionaries told them how I made things special.. that everyone was talking about the prelude music or something. I had no idea. Anyway, the wife of the mission couple was in tears and thanked me for setting in the mood and inviting the Spirit so strongly. She said I have a special touch. I HAD NOO IDEA THAT PEOPLE LIKED the prelude music. I was HONORED to play and I let my heart out with the music. It was amazing.. Please don´t think I am writing this because I want everyone to know how well I did.. I am writing this because it made me feel special.. and I want it to be recorded somewhere. One of the highlights of my mission!!!!
2. So.. I am starting up a choir!! My ward is extremely excited about the choir for Christmas. Lots of people showed up the first practice, and well, we are singing! I absolutely love the people.. even if they sing out of tune. I am just soooo happy that I am playing AND directing a choir to help everyone.
3. So my goals are going great. I have a goal of giving a Book of Mormon everyday to someone who is ready to receive it. I have been seeing lots of miracles with this. I have a Book of Mormon in my hand.. and I literally look around for someone who will read it. I absolutely love the Book of Mormon and I want EVERYONE to have it.. so they can be HAPPY!!!
4. We were in the house for a couple days because of illness.. so this week went a little slow concerning lessons. Anyway.. PRAY FOR ME!!!
0  Balladares and Sarah with 50 cm hotdog
Sisters with clowns                                    Sister Balladares (left) Sister Ricks 50 cm long hotdog
Clows and missionaries Chile 1 Sis Missionaries with masks Chile
Zone with clowns                                                               Sisters with Masks
SSRicks with a plater of fruit Chile 50 cm hotdog And Sister RicksSister Sarah Ricks, Sis Salazar and Elder
Sister Ricks in pink and her companion with Elder


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