Hi Family and Friends!1

Well, I really hope you had a GREAT THANKSGIVING!! Now we are in the time for Christmas! Squeeee!!!!!
1. This week, one of the member`s child was baptized. I have been teaching Aaron (who was baptized) for a couple months. Even though it was a baptizm of the ward, I helped out a tooooon. I dont call anyone my baptizm or reactivation, because nothing o noone is mine. Everything belongs to the ward.. but I do like to think that I helped out. đŸ™‚ My mom has the fotos if you want to see!
2. So this week, I did a TON OF SERVICE. I cleaned cualquier house this week. HEY MOM AND DAD! I am pro at cleaning! Anyway, the service really made the people happy and they have ltos of trust. I looove doing service. It is showing our love for our neighbor and for our Savior.
3. This week, we found a woman named Patricia. It was raining.. and we were walking down a street..  Patricia left her house without an umbrella. So I went over to her and offered to accompany her with my umbrella. She accepted. So we accompanied her to buy some bread and back to her house. When we got to her house, she invited us in. WE WERE SO HAPPY. Anyway, she gave us a little once (Ecco con pan) and we got to know her. Her husband had abandoned her and all her children lives far away. She said she was very lonely.. and is looking for peace in her life. We told her that we are there to help her, to find true happiness in this life and the life to come. Anyway, so we have a new investigator. She is very receptive!
4. Anyway, We found a woman, Nayalet, who has a lot of knowledge of the Bible. She said that she knows that the Bible is incomplete.. and knows that there is ONE TRUTH.. and knows a TON about the 12 tribes of Israel. She`s incredible. Anyway, we had a lesson with her about the Book of Mormon.. very powerful. We are praying that she can feel the Spirit. I know she can progress a lot!  I feel that she can have lots of potential.. so we have a new investigator!

5. Camilo, a 17 year old boy, had a ton of problems this last week, and we couldn`t put a fecha for baptism. His family has a lot of problems.. and now we are REALLY going to focus on his parents. The barrio is getting very involved with his family… Something really sad-  This last Domingo, I was sitting in sacrament and I was thinking about this family.. and I cried. I realyl wanted this family to have happiness in their lives. I really love this family and I want them to be happy. I am praying so HARD that they can let the Spirit influence their lives.

6. Paulina, an investigator, said she wants to go to church, but her work doesnt allow her. We ate lunch with her yesterday and started a special fast together.. so she can go to church. This really shows me that shes ready to be baptized because she is doing a fast wtih us. Its amazing! We are thinking to putting a fecha in Enero.

Anyway, This is pretty much it for this week. I love you all with all my heart! MAKE LOTS OF CHRISTMAS COOKIES AND EAT THEM FOR ME!
Hermana Ricks

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