10 Diciembre 2014

Hi Family and Friends!

This week was looooong.. and ltos and lots of walking!
1. My companion and I have been contacting for hours.. singing out in the streets and peoples houses. We actually get rejected preeetty harsly just by wanting to sing Christmas songs. HOWEVER, we did get into one house and we are teaching new investigators! Its so cool! Ilve learned that the mission is a ton of hard work, but it is so rewarding when we are able to teach someone. I absolutely love it.
2. This Saturday I will be singing a special musical number for the mission in Christmas. Pray for me. 🙂
3. Yesterday, we were teaching Nayalet, an investigator. She is extremely tough. She has read the Bible.. and studied it out like nobodies buisness.. Anyway, she haaad so many dudas.. pero el espiritu me ayudo! En serio.. recorde escrituras que nunca he usado antes! The spirit was with us that lesson.. We bore our testimonies with all our heart.. and the best part was.. her husband felt the spirit! Soooo.. I know that testimonies will always invite the Spirit.
4. Last week, we found a man breaking branches (small) from his tree and putting it in a bag.. My companion and I ran over there and started to help immediately.. He smiled and we takled for a while. After a good hour or 2.. we finally finished the work. My falda was covered in dirt.. and I have no idea how many spiders I smashed.And he let us in his house.. He wasn`t interested in our message.. but his grandma was.. we sang them a christmas song.. and the grandma started to cry. She told us we were angless! She wants us to go back and sing to her again. . A couple days later, we went back to sing for her.. and her friend was there.. who we found out is an menos activa. SOO we got 2 new people to teach!
I love you all!

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