Diciembre 31, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2015!!!!! WOOOT!

So this year was amazing!! I was able to spend a FULL YEAR being a fulltime missionary.. once in a life time. I am very happy
1. Christmas Eve. I had a dinner with a family from Colombia.. we ate arepas! IT WAS AMAZING! Anyway, after that, we went to eat with a family.. The father is a consejero de la estaca. So while we were there, the President of Santiago North mission showed up. We were like WOAAH.. So we had dinner with the President of Santiago Norte. Pretty Epic!
2. On Christmas Morning, we had a Christmas breakfast. We made american pancakes.. eggs.. arepas de colombia, cookies.. jugo.. and I dont know what else but it was extremely yummy.. Later that day.. we did something absolutely crazy.. that we wont ever forget. We tinted a piece of our hair RED. Sooo.. we bleached my hair first.. then red. Its cool. jejejeje!!
Anyway, later that day, I was able to have the most special Christmas gift I ever had.. I was able to see my family on skype. I love my family very much.. and I know we will be together forever. Thank you Mommy and Daddy.
Later, we went to a house of a woman who is very sick.. and we spent the rest of Navidad with her. We played dominos.. sang, and read Lucas 2. It was extremely special.. I will never forget this Christmas.
So… I forgot my agenda.. so I have no idea what else happened.. I know really cool stuff happened.. but I am a little pressured with time.. so I will write the rest next week. I love you all very much.
3. OH I SAW A FIREWORK SHOW from my window last night! It was amazing!
Sis Sarah Ricks Christmas hat Sis S Ricks with Christmas hat 2014 Sisters from Chile Christmas 2014 Sis S. Ricks scramble eggs Sister Sarah Ricks Cooking Christmas morning S. Sarah Ricks and tree Christmas morning S. Sarah Ricks and tree Sister Sarah Ricks with a nice old lady Sis S. Ricks scramble eggs Crazy hair Sister Sarah Ricks Blond hair Sister Ricks Sister Sarah Ricks red hair Sis S. Ricks Christmas morning 2014 S. S. Ricks Christmas Sis S Ricks with companion and Pic Nic Empanadas S. S. Ricks Eating empanadas S. S. Ricks Yum empanadas Chile Sis Sarah Ricks playing dominos Sis Sarah Ricks with a family from Chile Missionary reunion S. Sarah Ricks lunch S. S. Ricks Lunch and having fun S. S. Ricks Lunch and having fun Sis Sarah Ricks Pick Nick in December

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