Enero 14-21, 2015

Hi Family and friends! This week went great!

1. Last Sunday, I played in sacrament the Violin!! We played the song “A Child´s prayer.” I sent a video to mom if you want to see it. Anyway, after the meeting.. people came up to me with tears in their eyes.. and they thanked me. I told them that I wanted them to feel the love of the Savior He has for them.. I was so happy to help them feel the Spirit.
2. Yesterday, we had a conference of 3 zones put together. President really talked about the importance of talking with Everyone! It was amazing, because really testified of an experience I had the day before (this experience is number 8.) I also sang a special musical number… which I didnt know about it until the night before.. The Zone leaders called me (at a 11pm.) and cried to me.. saying that they forgot that the zone had to do a special number. I told them not to worry and I can take care of it. So that happened. The asistants of the president said that was the best musical number of all the conferences they had the last couple weeks.. they said the others were a last minute thing.. and I smiled and said.. well! This was a last minute thing too jaja. Everything went well. I have a video of it. Ask mom about it.
3. SUPER SUPER AWESOME EXPERIENCE: We went on divisions with President Vazquez, the stake president. We went to visit a family that has been investigating for a long time. Anyway, we taught lesson 1… and it was SO POWERFUL. The Spirit was incredibly strong.. (We used candles to explain how Christ established His church, the Gran Apostasia, and Restoration). President Vazquez´s testimony was powerful. When we extended invitations to do compromisos, they both said yes without any hesitation. It was incredible. That Sunday, they both came to church. I hope they can finally receive their answers and be baptized.
4. Remember the Familia de Peru we are teaching? Well the sister of Sofia came from Peru.. she was in the bus for a week! Anyway, she was extremely receptive and they both accepted to be baptized when they know the church is true. They are progressing very well! We taught the Plan of Salvation. I know that God created this plan, because He loves us with a love we cannot imagine. He wants us to live with Him for eternity with our families.
5. We had a special Family Home Evening with a family (The dad isn´t member). I planned on singing a lot, hoping that he can feel the spirit. The topic was on the hymns. We read the message of the first presidency and we sand a lot of hymns. It was amazing. We all felt the Spirit.
6. One day, we were walking and I saw an old, reaaally big, woman on a seat. I walked up to her and asked how she was doing. She was really nice and we sat down with her. We found out that Rosa was a menos activa.. and she hasn´t gone to church for 10 years. So we shared a lesson with her and she was sooo sweeeet. THe best part was: She has problems walking.. poor thing.. Shes reaaly big.. Anyway, she wanted to move a couple steps to the left.. in the shade.. So my companion and I had to push and pull her out of her chair.. hold her up and sat her down where she wanted to go. There was my exercise for the week haha. But shes so cute and kind!
7. We cleaned a house of the investigators of the elders. They are Jimena y Carolina. Carolina has down syndrome.. or something like that. Anyway, we really helped out Jimena.. and we shared a lesson with her about the love of the Savior and the Expiacion. She then told us she accepts to receive a Book of Mormon (which she didn´t want before this day) and she said she wants to quit smoking. It was a gran improvement! The Elders were extremely happy to hear this report.
8. A couple days ago, we were trying to find a house.. and for some odd reason, I wrote the directions wrong of like.. 4 people. Anyway, we were staring at the houses.. and there was a house that looked SO FAMILIAR.. so I said lets contact that one… But before we touched the door, a woman came out and said “Oh missionaries! I have been praying for you! Please come in!!” We were like.. WHAAAT? Anyway, we got in the house and taught her the first lesson. She said she wants to change her life completely.. and she is dispuesta to do whatever it takes. We were extremely happy to have found her. It was a beautiful experience.
9. On Sunday, I felt that we had to visit a member (abuelita).. We went there and she was extremely sad. One of our investigators (her friend), Angelica, was found in her house in a coma.. So shes in the hospital and hasn´t woken up as well. Cristina told us that her kidney failed or something like that.. and Angelica is extremely sick. I was so scared.. and I cried with Cristina. We are praying so that Angelica can be better.
10. I did my own operation on my ear! I had a small cyst in my right ear.. so I took it out. It was cool! There was a lot of blood, but everything is all good! I did not get infected. I will send fotos next week!
I love you all very much. Thank you all for your prayers. I know that Heavenly Father answers every single one!
Hermana Ricks
Playing New Years 2014 games, Chile New Year 2014 Sarah and Companion Sister Sarah Ricks with companion and Watermelon Big Watermelon Sis Sarah Ricks with new hat Just me Sis Sarah Ricks   Sister Sarah Ricks earSister Sarah Ricks after surgerySarah's ear

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