Enero 7-14, 2015

Hi Family and Friends!

Well, this week went a whole lot better than the last two weeks. We had a lot more exito!! IT was great!
1. We are teaching a family from Peru.. and I love them to death. This is the second week of teaching them.. and they are progressing fast. They never prayed before, but now they are praying every night.. they don´t read very much, but they are reading the Book of Mormon. It´s incredible.
These people are extremely humble.. they are looking for help from the Lord. They have lots of problems.. and its extremely sad.. But I know that the gospel will help them. The gospel is for everyone.
2. Remember Carmen Silva? She was a menos activa..(less active) that was reactivaded.. She is getting ready to go to the temple! Her and 2 other people we are teaching! ITs amazing!! The Lord really is helping us here in Chena. The Lord does all the work, and we are solamente instrumentos (His instruments). I cannot do anything without His Spirit.. He is the reason why we have miracles.
3. On Saturday, we did a service for an investigator of the Elders. We cleaned the house spotless.. And the woman was so grateful she cried. She now is super receptive and wants to go to church. Its amazing how service can really touch the hearts of people. There is a reason why the profet King Benjamin says, when we are in service of our fellowbeings, we are in the service of our God. I testify that this is true. I invite you all to do a service for someone, it doesnt mean that we have to clean a house.. but something simple like a smile or tell someone that you love them. That is serving our Heavenly Father.
4.Yesterday, we went to visit a less active family. And they have a son (24 years old) who never listens to a lesson or anything.. But yesterday, he sat down with us.. we said a prayer.. HE read the scriptures.. and commited to go to church this sunday. When we left the house, the mother of the family told us THAT WAS a miracle. We told her that if she keeps the commandments of the Lord, she will see more miracles!
5. Well, I am teaching…. ENGLISH! Again! Woooooh! Our first class, we had 6 people go, which is amazing.. and they all loved it. I loove teaching ingles.
6. I am playing a lot the violin for people now! I will be doing a special musical number this Sunday! I loooove sharing my talents!
7. I went to the temple today! IT WAS AMAZING!!! AAAND! I was honored to do the ordinance for the great grandma of my companion. It was a beautiful experience. Please ALL GO TO THE TEMPLE!! It is the place most sacred in the earth.. and we can really feel the Spirit.. and receive revelation.
8. I am halfway in the Book of Mormon.. Im reading about 10 chapters a day.. getting up early and right before bed. Please ALL READ the Book of Mormon.. It is something so precious.. it literally is a treasure. I looooove it.
Anyway, I love you all very much. Thank you all for your prayers and support!
Sister or Hermana Sarah Ricks

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