Febrero 11, 2014

Happy Valentines day!!! And Happy 1 year Jared and Reginaaa!!!!

I dont have a lot of time to write, so I”m going to copy and paste a part of my letter to president.

1.Progress in becoming a concecrated missionary: I completed all my goals and I am already working on my next goals. One of my goals was to read the discursos de general conference..but deeply studying it out.. And I cannot tell you.. I had an experience so special.. I learned SO MUCH. The depthness of the blessings we will receive of being obedient, praying, reading the scriptures, etc. I am reading as if it directly comes from God. It`s mind blowing.

  1. Also, I had a very special experience of repentance. In my prayer, I poured my heart out, asking for forgiveness for the wrong I had done.. and I told Him that I was ready to receive my castigo.. then the Spirit bore testimony to me that my Savior already paid for me.. and that I was forgiven. I cried. I felt so close to my Savior that moment.. I know that the Atonement is one of the greatest gifts we have and can use..
  1. Our Investigator, Bernarda, who is getting ready to be baptized, is getting attacked as well. Satan is literally throwing everything he`s got to stop the baptism. Bernarda had an addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.. and her cousin is now coming over and tempting her to take with her. Bernarda told us that she told her cousin to stop coming with that stuff and she doesnt want anything to do with it. So that went well.. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE.. Her ex girlfriend.. called. They didn´t have contact for 10 years.. or something like that. And she said she wants to get back with Bernarda. Oh my goodness.. I died when I heard that news. Now we have to completely get rid of this problem. Bernarda really wants to get baptized. She dreamt about it. She wants to have an interview with you on March 14..
  1. We are contacting and contacting and contacting…. and contacting.
  1. I exhort  YOU ALL to deeply read and FULLY study out the conference talks. We are in the last days and the General Authority speaks SO clearly on what we need to do to prepare for the coming of the Lord. They literally are telling us when the second coming is.. so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase study it out. I had a very special experience with those talks.

Hermana Ricks


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