Febrero 18, 2015

Sooooo this week went pretty well! I have an announcement!

I had an interview with the President.. and I presented the song I wrote for the mission. He and his  wife were blowned away.. And they ACCEPTED the song. It will be officially the Santiago South Mission Song.. and it will be PRESENTED in the next conference with Elder Gonzales of the Seventy in March.

I AM SO HONORED! SQUEEEEEEEEEE! These are the lyrics. It´s based on the vision and logo of the mision.

  1. Somos misioneros del Señor, trabajamos con amor

en la lucha contra la maldad, trabajamos con valor.

Predicamos su Evangelio, ayudamos nuestro projimo,

Consegrados y unidos en la obra de Salvacion.


Hacia las alturas, nuestra meta de llegar

Hacia las alturas, mision Santiago Sur!

Logo: Mision Chile Santiago Sur: Hacia las Alturas.

Vision: Somos misioneros consegrados cuyas vidas y trabajo se centra en la doctrina de Cristo.

I now have to write the song down and print it off. Get it ready for the next conference. I still need to write a second verse. BUT OH MY GOODNESS. I am soooo happy and honored.

Two P-days ago.. I had been having somewhat of a fight about what to do after the mission (no i am not trunky..).. So I had an idea.. I wanted to write a song for the mission. If it´s a success, I am going to study music. If not, I won´t study music. I said a prayer to Heavenly Father, telling Him this.. and it was like a “test”. I prayed that He will inspire me if THIS is something I had to do for the mission. Anyway, I wrote the song in 20 minutes. And.. I want to say that Heavenly Father wrote the song. He helped me. SO.. I am going to study music no matter what. 🙂

Okay sooo.. The sector is doing alright. We received extremely bad news last night with our only progressing investigator.. WHO is going to get baptized. So.. we don´t have investigators to teach. Oh well! We are still looking for people to teach. We have been out in the sun everyday.. and I AM TAN! Also.. we were in the sun when it was 100 degrees! AAH! We died.  But don{t worry! I am happy!!

I also gave my FIRST talk on the mission last Sunday. It was a last minute thing, but I was already prepared. I loveeeeee it when the Spirit tells me to do something beforehand. I am so blessed to have the Spirit in my life!

So I love you all very much. Oh I might go see a live sealing of someone I taught in San Miguel next Wednesday! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!

I love you all!

Hermana Sarah Ricks


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