Feliz Navidaaaaaad!! 2014 From Santiago, Chile South Mission

Feliz Navidad family and friends!!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! This will be my second Christmas here in Chile soo I am going to love it!
1. So last Friday, I borrowed a violin from a family.. and I played the violin in a plaza.. the BIG BIG PLAZA of San Bernardo.. There were A TON OF PEOPLE. They all past by and watched me. I played Christmas songs.. and other missionaries passed things around. Later, we sang a Choir in the plaza and I played. It was an amazing experience!
2. Concert of Navidad yesterday. A professional pianist came to our stake and played a BEAUTIFUL CONCERT. I cried in joy. It has beeeeeen such a long time since I listened to a concert.
3. Service con Elba Moya. We did a lot of gardening this week. It was amazing. Mommy has the fotos. We harvested lots of damascos and almendras and more!
4. I played and sand 2 special musical numbers last sunday.. and it was a surprise when they said I was goin to do it. So anyway, I sang and played.. and after everything was done.. lots of people were extremely happy. Later that day, the bishop told me that half of the congregation was in tears during the musical number.. That made me feel really good… I am so happy I was able to share my talents with my ward.
5. We had a Christmas activity on Saturday and I played the piano for the choir. It was a fun experience.  Also, my companino and I had an idea.. we gave 5 books of Mormon to 5 families and asked them to write their testimonies in them. After, we took the books and wrapped them in Christmas wrapping paper.. we are going to give our books to people we are going to find.
6. SO I LOVE MY COMPANION. SHE IS AMAZING. I feeeeel like I can breaaaaaathe! Anyway, She is very supportive. She is correcting me on my Spanish and I am teaching her Ingles. we have a great system.
Merry Christmas to everyone! I am so excited to be on Skype Tomorrow!!
I love you all chaao!
 Sis Sarah Ricks Dec 2014 Sister Sarah Ricks with Santa Claus Dec 2014

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