Hola Family and Friends! WEELLL HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!

1. Last week… I HAD A HUGE PARTY. The hermanas in my pension did all my crazy tradiciones! We put on the yellow shirts.. money in our hairs.. drank the ashes of our wishes and more! Something different.. was that we ran around our apartment complex (with our suitcases). and we opened up a confetti bomb in the apartment.People were all cheering us on hahaha. It was great. We went back to the apartment and danced for an hour or so.. Then we crashed. The next day was Pday so we all took a rest. It was really great. Everyone LOVED the traditions. SO YEAH. I have EVERYTHING on video.
2. We had miracles this week. On Saturday, I went on divisions with one of my leaders.. and we were walking.. and we suddenly stopped and started to talk to a woman.. Sofia Garcia from Peru. (Where did she come from??) We didnt see her.. but the spirit stopped us. We got her reference and we left. A couple days later, we went to visit her early in the morning. We went into her house and her friend and her husband were there. We started to get to know them then…. We had the BEST INTRO LESSON IVE EVER HAD. We talked about the Gospel extremely well. The Spirit was extremely powerful. They wanted us to come back the next day. The next day, we gave the first lesson and invited them to read and to pray. They were SO RECEPTIVE.. it was incredible. The day before, Sofia didnt want to pray or never had prayed before. This day, we invited her to say the closing prayer. She was like.. YEAH. And.. she gave the most beautiful prayer Ive ever heard from an investigator.. It lasted 5 minutes long.. She was crying.. I was crying. She truly poured her heart out to the Lord. THEY ARE READY. I am soo happy that the Lord led us to them.
3. We also had found 3 other investigators this same week. Hermana Arenas (my leader) and I did a special fast.. wanting to find new people for the sector. In just days we found 4 new investigators… after, we went to help the sector of Hermana Arenas to find people.. and we found 3 people for them to teach. The Lord is truly blessing us!
4. This last week, we stayed in the house because my companion had to take a rest from walking. She has been having problems with her knees… I however kept on working (made special arrangements with the ward members so she can stay in teh house and we can keep on working). It was an awesome week.
5. On Sunday night, we had a special lesson with one of the investigator family and a member family.. We talked especifically about how to receive an answer from God. It went very well… The spirit was very strong… then at the VERY END.. they said that they didnt feel anything.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. We were going to put a fecha for baptism.. but it was obvious that they werent ready. There is a ton of work to do still.. So I have to come up with another plan to help them. The work isnt easy.. but it will be so worth it in the end.
6. The Spirit was really leading us this week… We had helped people feel the love of Heavenly Father through random scriptures.. or randomly showing up at their houses.. It was so cool. Heavenly Father truly loves us and He truly listenes to our prayers.
7. So I have an addiction… I am addicted to the BOOK OF MORMON. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.. Its my favorite book and I know its true. I have been reading early in the morning, during studies…  and right before bed. I started to read it again a week ago.. and I am half way done. I EXHORT you ALL to READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. It is maravilloso!! Pleaase please please please please please please please please please read it! I know you will find answers!
Well I love you all very much. Thank you for your support!!
Hermana Ricks

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