March 4, 2014

Hi Family and friends!

1. I presented the song to the mission councel on Monday and it will be official with the mission conference with Elder Gonzales this March. Here is the second verse:
Testificamos de su Expiación
de su vida y resurrección
su amor y cuanto Él sufrió
para darnos salvación
Este mensaje de verdad y paz
A los almas trae felicidad
dedicamos todo por salvar
en la misión, un santo lugar
Coro: Hacia las alturas, nuestra meta es llegar
Hacia las alturas, Misión Santiago Sur!!
I was trying to think of the second verse for a couple weeks, but I couldn´t think of anything. Anyway, I was sitting in sacrament.. and everything came to me at once. So I wrote it down, and its that! I callled President´s wife and told her that I finished.. and she told me to come present it to the mission´s councel. So I did.. and President gave me a HUGE compliment in front of them. It was extremely sweet.
I will be going to the office to write the song on the computer
2. I went to the temple to see a sealing with Delfina.. And it was absolutely beautiful. I cried my head out when she was sealed to her deceased husband. It was so BEAUTIFUl. I was so blessed to have seen it. I know that families are forever.
3. Yesterday, I went to teh temple again… BUT with the group of missionaries who are leaving home this Monday! I went with them because I won´t be able to go with my group in April. IT WAS SO TRUNKY: I wanted to die. Everyone talked about marriage.. and dating.. and music, movies,, AAAH. I dont want to hear ANY of that UNTIL I get home. So please. All of your emails needs to be ONLY about the mission. Only Dad can write me about the house.
4. This week was crazy with all the crazy divisions.. So I have been with Hermana Reyes or Flake my whole week.. Its crazy. OH: A HUGE FAMILY that I have been teaching came to church. They are about 15 of them. It was awesome.
So Yeah. I am doing okay out here. Pleaaase don’t overload me with stuff at home. I am not ready yet. Save it until April.
I love you all very much. Thanks for everything!
Hermana S. Ricks

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