Marzo 4- 11, 2014

Hi family and friends!!

So EVERYONE, PLEASE, nobody can write me about home or nothing. Only Dad has permission.. and dad, I only want the general email you do for everyone. One line about everyone jaja!
Everyone else, please write emails of strength and inspiring stuff! I want to be absolutely focused and I don´t want to be trunky like everyone else haha!
I trust that everything will be okay at home.. The Lord is watching over you all and I know it with all my heart.
1. Today, I went on a huge hike with the girls in my apartment.. and it was great! I want to send fotos but the battery of my camera died. Its called San Cristobal. It was great! I am sun-burned.
2. One of the girls in my apartment went home a couple days ago.. and oh my goodness. We had a party. I made arepas and chocolate goodies..
3. The program is fine! We are finding  new people and we are teaching! There is a new kid named Juan Fran that doesn´t believe in God, but he wants to hear what we have to say. We taught him about the nature of Heavenly Father and it was beautiful. He also wants to learn English, so I have a plan on teaching him using Liahonas or the Book of Mormon.
4. I am going to be giving Music Classes on Saturdays.. Everyone was demanding that I give music classes, so it will be the first time on the mission! I hope everything goes well with that.
I love you all very much. Thank you for your support!
Hermana Ricks

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