18 Marzo, 2014

Hi Family and Friends!

Well, big news. I will be giving a workshop to the missionaries soon.. about how to use music in missionary work. So that is exciting! They had made my list of ideas and they will give it to every missionary to put in their manuals. I am so happy and honored that I was able to do something for the mission. Of course, the Lord did everything.. and all of the work is done by Him.

So this week had been a little tough so here we go:

1. Bernarda, an investigator with a baptism date… I called her because I felt I had to. She had been out on vacation in the beach.. So I called her and she told me very bad news… that she had done somethings and now she cannot be baptized.. I cried.

2. The recent converts, a family of a mom, and two daugthers.. They are now ignoring us… Its horrible because people moved in to live with them (family) and they are a bad influence. Its extremely stressful.. but we are doing all we can to keep them.. We can´t lose them.

3. The members of our ward has been attacked by Satan.. and everyone has problems. We are running around literally, visiting EVERYONE. Investigators, less actives, and members. Everyone needs help and we are doing what we can to help them.

4. I am starting up a program in the ward where the missionaries are getting involved with Mujeres Jovenes and Soc soc.. but more involved.. More assignments.. more visitas.. The members are now accompaning us more.. so there is a grand work here.

DONT WORRY! I am happy as can be and I am working! I get home at night and I die in my bed.. I am falling asleep extremely fast night now. I am happy.

I love you all! Keep on praying!!! And go to church. I invite you all to listen to the conference talks of October 2014. They are extremely special and you will ALL learn something!!

Hermana Ricks

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