1-Abril, 2015

Happy April fools!

No they don´t celebrate that here, but that is okay!
So this week went by super fast.. We had to stay inside for two days because it was dangerous.. lots of protests.. they do that every year.
1. Today, I went back to an old ward, Chena to say goodbye to some people. It was sad, but I was very happy to see the people I love. Next week, I will say goodbye to San Miguel.
2. A couple weeks ago, I was on divisions with a young women.. and it was kind of late.. Anyway, I saw a woman walking with her baby in a stroller.. and I felt impressed to talk to her.. So I chased her down and eventually talked with her.  She agreed that we could pass by for her house. Anyway, this last week, we taught her the first lesson.. and she accepted to be baptized!! We were sooo happy. She has 3 little children (4, 2, and 10 months.) Then she invited us to return the next day. So we returned the next day and taught her husband.. and he was extremely receptive as well! It was amazing!
3. Also, this last Sunday, Camilo came to church.. and he loved the experience. We are going to set a fecha fija with baptizm soon. There is a lot of hope! I am so happy that I am to help people come unto Christ!
4. Oh my goodness!!!! General Conference!!! I am so excited! Anyway, I had been studying out the conference talks of October 2014, and they are amazing… These men are truly called of God.. And they speak for the Lord. If we want to hear how Heavenly Father speaks, or Christ, it´s through them. Pleaaaase! Everyone listen to all the sessions!! It will be amazing!!
5. Tomorrow, I will have an activity with my barrio.. Karaoke.. And I believe I will be a judge.. or singing.. we will find out.
Please pray for me this week, It will be my last complete week on the mission.. and I want to finish with LOTS of miracles! I love you all with my heart!!!
Hermana Ricks

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