March 25,2014

Well, This week went by super fast and crazy!!! I don’t have a lot of time to write so here we go..

  1. I gave my 20 minute workshop class for the mission Monday and Tuesday. I had two different choirs sing the mission song. It was a lot of work, I lost sleep, but Everything went very well. The missionaries loved the song and they loved the ideas of how to use music in teaching the gospel. It was very sucessful. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

They gave the song and the workshop list to every missionary.. and it will be in the area book.. maybe for years. I am so happy that I was able to help the mission. The President gave me an extremely good compliment when he gave his thanks over the pulpit. It made me feel good. 🙂

  1. I went to the temple today for the last time here in Chile.. And I cried. I cried especially in the Celestial Room.. Its the temple that I love.. and I had gone to that temple more than the one back at home. Its my temple. Anyway, Heavenly Father gave me some answers.. and I felt especially close to Him today. I felt His love and I felt that everything is going to be okay. He told me to seguir adelante. To have faith in Him and move on. I literally felt someone giving me a hug today.. It was extremely special.

After… And the funniest thing… I had a huge dream to go to Hard Rock Cafe… and I wasn’t planning on going… but some elders invited us to go with them.. and we were like YEAH. So after.. we went there JAJA. Don’t worry, we didn’t lose the Spirit. I ate the yummieset hamburger for the last 1.5 years.

  1. SOO GOOOODE NEWS!!! Remember the family who were having a bad influence! WE WERE ABLE TO TEACH THEM! We got into their house and we are teaching like crazy.. and with power. AND AND! THE BEST PART. The people that are there.. ARE receiving the lessons now!! And they all went to church!! It was amazing. Just from that family.. about 15 of them went to church. It was a miracle!!
  1. Also, we are finding new people!! We found a 20 year old girl, Camila.. who was just sitting out on the streets.. we felt like we had to talk to her. When we asked if there was something we could do, she asked us to give her a hug.. so we did! And we taught her. She is super receptive and she wants to learn more!

Another is a family.. They are older.. the son is about 26 years old. Anyway, they are super receptive.. and want to learn more! Its amazing!1

  1. So I don’t know if I had written already, but I am giving classes of music and its going nicely. I love it!
  2. We are teaching a HUGE family full of adults.. with all types of religions.. 7 of them… at once. Its a battle..with their questions and all that stuff.. However, this last week, we taught them about The Restoration.. and everyone was silent.. and they listened carefully.. When we finished they all wanted to read the Book of Mormon! YEAH!!!! We were happy to give our Books of Mormon away.

This week was awesome! Also, we had the highest asistencia in history of this ward this last week. It was incredible!!

Thank you all for everything. Keep on praying!! And read the Conference talks. OH MY I AM EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!! WOooh!

Hermana Ricks


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