March 4, 2014

Hi Family and friends!

1. I presented the song to the mission councel on Monday and it will be official with the mission conference with Elder Gonzales this March. Here is the second verse:
Testificamos de su Expiación
de su vida y resurrección
su amor y cuanto Él sufrió
para darnos salvación
Este mensaje de verdad y paz
A los almas trae felicidad
dedicamos todo por salvar
en la misión, un santo lugar
Coro: Hacia las alturas, nuestra meta es llegar
Hacia las alturas, Misión Santiago Sur!!
I was trying to think of the second verse for a couple weeks, but I couldn´t think of anything. Anyway, I was sitting in sacrament.. and everything came to me at once. So I wrote it down, and its that! I callled President´s wife and told her that I finished.. and she told me to come present it to the mission´s councel. So I did.. and President gave me a HUGE compliment in front of them. It was extremely sweet.
I will be going to the office to write the song on the computer
2. I went to the temple to see a sealing with Delfina.. And it was absolutely beautiful. I cried my head out when she was sealed to her deceased husband. It was so BEAUTIFUl. I was so blessed to have seen it. I know that families are forever.
3. Yesterday, I went to teh temple again… BUT with the group of missionaries who are leaving home this Monday! I went with them because I won´t be able to go with my group in April. IT WAS SO TRUNKY: I wanted to die. Everyone talked about marriage.. and dating.. and music, movies,, AAAH. I dont want to hear ANY of that UNTIL I get home. So please. All of your emails needs to be ONLY about the mission. Only Dad can write me about the house.
4. This week was crazy with all the crazy divisions.. So I have been with Hermana Reyes or Flake my whole week.. Its crazy. OH: A HUGE FAMILY that I have been teaching came to church. They are about 15 of them. It was awesome.
So Yeah. I am doing okay out here. Pleaaase don’t overload me with stuff at home. I am not ready yet. Save it until April.
I love you all very much. Thanks for everything!
Hermana S. Ricks

Febrero 25, 2015

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you so much Mamasita! Te quiero con todo mi corazon.

1. TODAY: I am going to see a SEALING of someone I was teaching in San Miguel. Her name is Delfina. (You should have the fotos of her. She`s the abuelita.) I am so blessed and excited to see her be sealed to her husband for time and eternity. I know that this is true and I am SOO HAPPY!

2. Well, we moved houses and now we are living very far away. We have to take a bus and metro to get to our sector and back. Our sector is doing okay. We are contacting a lot and we are out in the sun. Most everyone is still on vacations. Chileans takes about 1-2 months on vacations. It´s crazy!
3. Yesterday, I went to a funeral of a brother of the ward. He was 40 years old and he died of cancer. It was really tough because his kids are still young. Anyway, it was really emotionally tiring, but I performed a musical number and comforted everyone. During the service, I thought about how lucky I am to know the Plan of Salvation.. and everything will be okay in the end. It was very comforting to know that we will live again. Especially I am SO GRATEFUL for my parents.. that they were able to be sealed in the temple.. so we WILL be together after this life. With all my heart, thank you Mom and Dad.
Sorry I didn’t write much, but I have to go to the temple. I love you all!

Febrero 18, 2015

Sooooo this week went pretty well! I have an announcement!

I had an interview with the President.. and I presented the song I wrote for the mission. He and his  wife were blowned away.. And they ACCEPTED the song. It will be officially the Santiago South Mission Song.. and it will be PRESENTED in the next conference with Elder Gonzales of the Seventy in March.

I AM SO HONORED! SQUEEEEEEEEEE! These are the lyrics. It´s based on the vision and logo of the mision.

  1. Somos misioneros del Señor, trabajamos con amor

en la lucha contra la maldad, trabajamos con valor.

Predicamos su Evangelio, ayudamos nuestro projimo,

Consegrados y unidos en la obra de Salvacion.


Hacia las alturas, nuestra meta de llegar

Hacia las alturas, mision Santiago Sur!

Logo: Mision Chile Santiago Sur: Hacia las Alturas.

Vision: Somos misioneros consegrados cuyas vidas y trabajo se centra en la doctrina de Cristo.

I now have to write the song down and print it off. Get it ready for the next conference. I still need to write a second verse. BUT OH MY GOODNESS. I am soooo happy and honored.

Two P-days ago.. I had been having somewhat of a fight about what to do after the mission (no i am not trunky..).. So I had an idea.. I wanted to write a song for the mission. If it´s a success, I am going to study music. If not, I won´t study music. I said a prayer to Heavenly Father, telling Him this.. and it was like a “test”. I prayed that He will inspire me if THIS is something I had to do for the mission. Anyway, I wrote the song in 20 minutes. And.. I want to say that Heavenly Father wrote the song. He helped me. SO.. I am going to study music no matter what. 🙂

Okay sooo.. The sector is doing alright. We received extremely bad news last night with our only progressing investigator.. WHO is going to get baptized. So.. we don´t have investigators to teach. Oh well! We are still looking for people to teach. We have been out in the sun everyday.. and I AM TAN! Also.. we were in the sun when it was 100 degrees! AAH! We died.  But don{t worry! I am happy!!

I also gave my FIRST talk on the mission last Sunday. It was a last minute thing, but I was already prepared. I loveeeeee it when the Spirit tells me to do something beforehand. I am so blessed to have the Spirit in my life!

So I love you all very much. Oh I might go see a live sealing of someone I taught in San Miguel next Wednesday! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!

I love you all!

Hermana Sarah Ricks

Febrero 11, 2014

Happy Valentines day!!! And Happy 1 year Jared and Reginaaa!!!!

I dont have a lot of time to write, so I”m going to copy and paste a part of my letter to president.

1.Progress in becoming a concecrated missionary: I completed all my goals and I am already working on my next goals. One of my goals was to read the discursos de general conference..but deeply studying it out.. And I cannot tell you.. I had an experience so special.. I learned SO MUCH. The depthness of the blessings we will receive of being obedient, praying, reading the scriptures, etc. I am reading as if it directly comes from God. It`s mind blowing.

  1. Also, I had a very special experience of repentance. In my prayer, I poured my heart out, asking for forgiveness for the wrong I had done.. and I told Him that I was ready to receive my castigo.. then the Spirit bore testimony to me that my Savior already paid for me.. and that I was forgiven. I cried. I felt so close to my Savior that moment.. I know that the Atonement is one of the greatest gifts we have and can use..
  1. Our Investigator, Bernarda, who is getting ready to be baptized, is getting attacked as well. Satan is literally throwing everything he`s got to stop the baptism. Bernarda had an addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.. and her cousin is now coming over and tempting her to take with her. Bernarda told us that she told her cousin to stop coming with that stuff and she doesnt want anything to do with it. So that went well.. THEN OUT OF NOWHERE.. Her ex girlfriend.. called. They didn´t have contact for 10 years.. or something like that. And she said she wants to get back with Bernarda. Oh my goodness.. I died when I heard that news. Now we have to completely get rid of this problem. Bernarda really wants to get baptized. She dreamt about it. She wants to have an interview with you on March 14..
  1. We are contacting and contacting and contacting…. and contacting.
  1. I exhort  YOU ALL to deeply read and FULLY study out the conference talks. We are in the last days and the General Authority speaks SO clearly on what we need to do to prepare for the coming of the Lord. They literally are telling us when the second coming is.. so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase study it out. I had a very special experience with those talks.

Hermana Ricks

4 Febrero

Hi Family and Friends! Well this week is crazy!

1. My sector… is a tough one. We do not have anyone to teach. We have one investigator.. and one less active.. and one recent convert to teach. The ward has its problems.. sooooo there is a TON OF WORK TO DO HERE: BUUUT, I know that the Lord is going to help us do milagros! I know that through Him and faith, anything is posible! We are going to vencer this sector!
2. Bernarda.. The only investigator I have. The first lesson, we put a baptism date. 21st of March. She really wants to get baptized.. But she has a smoking problem. Its going to be a tough one, but she can get over it. We have a lot of faith in the Lord. He can make anything possible. Anyway, the other day, she told us she had a dream getting baptized. She was in the pila bautismal.. and she saw angels around the baptism font. She woke up crying. She said she knows that the church is true and will do anything to be baptised. Now, we have to get over her addictions and other problems that shes facing. Please pray for her!
3. REACTIVATION! Lucia Gonzales. I am soooooooo happy! She is the woman who didn’t want anything to do with the church.. Now she has a calling in the church and she is reactivated. I know that the Lord had changed her heart.. and she is on the right path.
4. My companion and I have been contacting.. and contacting.. and contacting. I am soooo tan!
5. My Companion is AMAZING. She and I are the best of friends. Shes going to teach me about nursing stuff.. how to do injections and stuff.. and I am teaching her music. We are a great team and we have a lot of unidad!! We are like Nefi and Lehi! We will teach with poder y autoridad. I am not jactando.. solamente estoy regocijando como Ammon en Alma 26.
I love you all very much!

Enero 28th, 2015

Hi Family and Friends!! Well, I got transferred! I am now in Progreso, in Gran Avenida. I am with a new companion, Hermana Cabrera de Mexico. She just finished her training.. so she`s pretty green! I am excited to work with her. She is a great missionary.

1. I have 2 reactivations! Gladis Muñoz y Lucia Gonzales, in Chena. We worked extremely hard so that they could be reactivated. AT first, Lucia did not want anything to do with the church.. But now, she received a calling in the church. I am soooo happy that she is reactivated. Also Gladis Muños is getting ready to go to the temple. It was a great week!
2. So leaving Chena was pretty hard. Lots of people cried when I left.. Its so hard leaving a sector.. when we get attatch to someone, but its part of the mission. I love those people in Chena and they always will be in my heart. Now I am ready to love more people here in Progreso.
3. Ana Maria Cortez is an investigator that I was teaching in Chena. She is a drug addict.. but she really wants to change her life for the better. She sent her son south of chile so he doesn’t see her into drugs.. Shes really sad and wants to change.. We randomly found her by standing in front of her house.. and she came and opened the door and saw us, then invited us in. Anyway, this week, we put a fecha (date) for her to be baptized and she accepted! We are happy that she has a goal now to be baptized.
4. On Saturday, the ward had a party at a pool. We went to the party to eat lunch. That morning, I had an interview with the President, so I knew I was leaving the ward. I was able to take pictures and say goodbye to most everyone. It was conveniente.  (convinient)
5. Yesterday, I visited a woman named Bernarda. She is an eternal investigators of the hermanas.. She has a lot of problems in her life.. and its extremely sad. When my comp was telling me about her, I asked if she has a date to be baptized.. She said no. I then said, well lets put one! So we taught her the Restoration of the Gospel (Lesson 1) and we put a date.. 21 March. And she accepted!! Weeeeeeeee! Anyway, we are going to work very hard so that she can be able to be baptized this day.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers! I love you all!
Hermana Ricks

Enero 14-21, 2015

Hi Family and friends! This week went great!

1. Last Sunday, I played in sacrament the Violin!! We played the song “A Child´s prayer.” I sent a video to mom if you want to see it. Anyway, after the meeting.. people came up to me with tears in their eyes.. and they thanked me. I told them that I wanted them to feel the love of the Savior He has for them.. I was so happy to help them feel the Spirit.
2. Yesterday, we had a conference of 3 zones put together. President really talked about the importance of talking with Everyone! It was amazing, because really testified of an experience I had the day before (this experience is number 8.) I also sang a special musical number… which I didnt know about it until the night before.. The Zone leaders called me (at a 11pm.) and cried to me.. saying that they forgot that the zone had to do a special number. I told them not to worry and I can take care of it. So that happened. The asistants of the president said that was the best musical number of all the conferences they had the last couple weeks.. they said the others were a last minute thing.. and I smiled and said.. well! This was a last minute thing too jaja. Everything went well. I have a video of it. Ask mom about it.
3. SUPER SUPER AWESOME EXPERIENCE: We went on divisions with President Vazquez, the stake president. We went to visit a family that has been investigating for a long time. Anyway, we taught lesson 1… and it was SO POWERFUL. The Spirit was incredibly strong.. (We used candles to explain how Christ established His church, the Gran Apostasia, and Restoration). President Vazquez´s testimony was powerful. When we extended invitations to do compromisos, they both said yes without any hesitation. It was incredible. That Sunday, they both came to church. I hope they can finally receive their answers and be baptized.
4. Remember the Familia de Peru we are teaching? Well the sister of Sofia came from Peru.. she was in the bus for a week! Anyway, she was extremely receptive and they both accepted to be baptized when they know the church is true. They are progressing very well! We taught the Plan of Salvation. I know that God created this plan, because He loves us with a love we cannot imagine. He wants us to live with Him for eternity with our families.
5. We had a special Family Home Evening with a family (The dad isn´t member). I planned on singing a lot, hoping that he can feel the spirit. The topic was on the hymns. We read the message of the first presidency and we sand a lot of hymns. It was amazing. We all felt the Spirit.
6. One day, we were walking and I saw an old, reaaally big, woman on a seat. I walked up to her and asked how she was doing. She was really nice and we sat down with her. We found out that Rosa was a menos activa.. and she hasn´t gone to church for 10 years. So we shared a lesson with her and she was sooo sweeeet. THe best part was: She has problems walking.. poor thing.. Shes reaaly big.. Anyway, she wanted to move a couple steps to the left.. in the shade.. So my companion and I had to push and pull her out of her chair.. hold her up and sat her down where she wanted to go. There was my exercise for the week haha. But shes so cute and kind!
7. We cleaned a house of the investigators of the elders. They are Jimena y Carolina. Carolina has down syndrome.. or something like that. Anyway, we really helped out Jimena.. and we shared a lesson with her about the love of the Savior and the Expiacion. She then told us she accepts to receive a Book of Mormon (which she didn´t want before this day) and she said she wants to quit smoking. It was a gran improvement! The Elders were extremely happy to hear this report.
8. A couple days ago, we were trying to find a house.. and for some odd reason, I wrote the directions wrong of like.. 4 people. Anyway, we were staring at the houses.. and there was a house that looked SO FAMILIAR.. so I said lets contact that one… But before we touched the door, a woman came out and said “Oh missionaries! I have been praying for you! Please come in!!” We were like.. WHAAAT? Anyway, we got in the house and taught her the first lesson. She said she wants to change her life completely.. and she is dispuesta to do whatever it takes. We were extremely happy to have found her. It was a beautiful experience.
9. On Sunday, I felt that we had to visit a member (abuelita).. We went there and she was extremely sad. One of our investigators (her friend), Angelica, was found in her house in a coma.. So shes in the hospital and hasn´t woken up as well. Cristina told us that her kidney failed or something like that.. and Angelica is extremely sick. I was so scared.. and I cried with Cristina. We are praying so that Angelica can be better.
10. I did my own operation on my ear! I had a small cyst in my right ear.. so I took it out. It was cool! There was a lot of blood, but everything is all good! I did not get infected. I will send fotos next week!
I love you all very much. Thank you all for your prayers. I know that Heavenly Father answers every single one!
Hermana Ricks
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